1 day.
2,000 people.

Breathe as One is a free yoga festival in honor of Summer Solstice and the International day of yoga open to all ages and cultures, where we all join together to breathe as one.

This June 17th.

Come spend the day taking yoga classes (all level welcome). Enjoy the yoga park, the massage tent, the Zen market place where you can shop for your favorite yoga fashion (Lululemon), listen to live music, eat yummy health food, sip on coconut water and hang with your tribe.

Park Phoenix

Come join us in the beautiful 7 acre hectare park across from the sea filled with beautiful botanical gardens and an animal park.

Join us for a full day of fun

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Come spend the day with your family and fill your heart with zen and happiness!

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Park entrance fee = 5€ per adult at the entrance (free under 12)

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